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Mumbai Noise

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A tribute to the sensorial multitudes and multifaceted modernity of Mumbai, anchored in the memories of it's past. A scent crowded with contrasts: of rich, warm woods and amber blended with brightness; of plummy Davana positioned alongside leather; bitter coffee stirred with sweet Tonka beans. The mesmerizing abundance of Chembur's streets- the smoky haze of incense interspersed with streetside coffee carts and cacophonous soundscapes--is explored through a contemporary lens.

Robust and energetic, with dark woods, narcotic smoke, and a twist of sweet herbaceousness, Mumbai Noise is a thrill to wear. If you love potent dark woods scents like Black Afgano but wish there was something like that more tuned to everyday wear, this is the one.

Davana, Tonka Beans, Coffee, Labdanum, Agarwood, Sandalwood