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With its new iteration as a Parfum Cologne - a new category invented by Roja Dove to give clients the luxuriousness of an EDP concentration (between 15% and 20%) but with the freshness of an eau de cologne – Roja once again proves that there’s nothing on the market today that comes close to the sheer purity and quality of his Vetiver par excellence. Indeed, we’re rather relieved to report that this iteration of Vetiver is very close in character to the genre-defining eau de parfum, especially in its focus on the bright, sparkling qualities of vetiver over its oft-times danker, rootier aspects.

But Vetiver Parfum Cologne is indubitably lighter and fresher in feel. Its exquisite balance of woods, citrus, and grassy-nutty vetiver is borne aloft on a raft of expansively radiant musks and cedarwood and its lemongrass-y litsea cubeba is even more foot-forward than in the eau de parfum. Let’s call it the summer-weight twin of the original, with a slightly cooler tone overall. Choose according to preference in weight, warmth, and density. Or maybe don’t choose at all - get both and have your vetiver needs covered in one neat (and impossibly elegant) package! In other words, worry not. What we love the most about Roja’s vetiver – its brightness, its smooth-as-silk texture, its wholesome nuttiness, and its lack of discordant bitterness or dankness – has been transposed wholesale here into the Parfum Cologne.

Lemon, bergamot, litsea cubeba, rose de mai, jasmin de Grasse, cistus, galbanum, celery seed, pink pepper, caraway, nutmeg, pepper, oakmoss, vetiver, cedarwood, cedar needles, guaiac wood, amyris, labdanum
Perfume rating 4.11 out of 5 on Fragrantica