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Tom Of Finland

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Created for the eponymous artist's Foundation, Tom of Finland, is an ode to masculine beauty. It is that rare marvel, a clean leather scent. There is no tar here, just a delightful hint of smoke that lingers over a clear watery accord, blending the tang of lemon with the sparkle of aldehydes. The fragrance enhances the perfume of one's freshly-showered skin, revealing the true sensual power of a wearer's own aroma. We adore the aromatic, forest-like aspect of the fragrance: birch, pine, cypress and galbanum are simultaneously reminiscent of the great outdoors and, surprisingly in such a modern creation, of some of the most elegant masculine scents of the past. The softness of the base of suede, vanilla, tonka bean and orris is a bliss that lasts forever. A new cult favorite for the lovers of leather perfumes of both genders.

Warning: Tom of Finland contains printed homoerotic imagery inside the box. If you are familiar with Tom of Finland you already know; if not, you may want to find out before giving this as a gift.

Aldehydes, citron, leaves, pine, pepper, cypress, galbanum, birch, vanilla, tonka bean, iris, vetiver, styrax, suede, musk, amber

Perfume rating 4.09 out of 5 on Fragrantica