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Virgin Island Water

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Virgin Island Water was inspired by a sailing trip near Ginger Island in the Caribbean. This unisex perfume celebrates the tropical splendor and exotic scents carried by the Trade Winds of Sir Francis Drake Channel.

It opens with a citrusy cocktail of white bergamot, Jamaican lime, Sicilian mandarin. The citruses are accompanied by a note of copra, the white inner flesh of the coconut. The heart includes intensive Indian jasmine and sweet hibiscus, exotic ylang-ylang and cold, spicy ginger. The base of the composition includes sugar cane, musk and white rum.

Coconut, Lime, White Bergamot, Sicilian Mandarin, Ginger, Ylang-Ylang, Indian Jasmine, Hibiscus, White Rum, Sugar Cane and Musk.

Perfume rating 4.30 out of 5 on Fragrantica